Why did Christ the King Parish, Sacred Heart Parish and Seton Catholic School choose to conduct a combined capital campaign?

Answer: There were a few reasons:

•   Christ the King Parish, Sacred Heart Parish and Seton Catholic School share in a common mission to serve the Catholic families of Moline.

•   Each had clearly-defined needs and leadership teams ready to move forward to gather the required resources to meet those needs.

•   The collaborative approach to the TTT Campaign allows for the organizations to share costs and resources necessary to achieve the individual campaign goals.

•   Each organization will retain those contributions donated to it.

Why are the other parishes that support Seton not included in this campaign?

Answer: Although St. Mary’s and Saint Maria Goretti participated in the 2018 feasibility study, the leadership of those parishes felt it was not the time to move forward with a comprehensive campaign.

Will a portion of my donation be given to the Diocese of Peoria?

Answer: No. 100 percent of your donation will be directed to the organization you choose - Christ the King, Sacred Heart or Seton School.  You may also split your donation between the organizations above. All donations received will be used by the parishes and Seton to support the projects outlined.

Shouldn't operating income cover the costs of many of the goals of the campaign, which seem to focus on building maintenance?

Answer: Many building maintenance items are covered by tuition, Sunday giving and the annual fundraising efforts that allow both parishes and the school to maintain a balanced budget. The goals in the capital campaign are for large expenditures that exceed the cost of day-to-day operations. These improvements are necessary to keep our facilities in good condition to serve our parishioners, students, families and guests.  

What happens if one of the partnering organizations raises more money than needed to achieve their specific goals?

Answer: Once the goals of the campaign are fully funded, any additional contributions that are designated to Christ the King, Sacred Heart or Seton Catholic will be placed in an account that each organization will set aside for future improvements.

Are there tax advantages if I make a contribution to the TTT Campaign?

Answer: Donations to the TTT Campaign are tax deductible. There may be additional tax advantages by making a donation using a direct rollover from an IRA. It is best to consult with your tax adviser to determine eligible tax benefits.

How long will the TTT campaign last?

Answer: The campaign solicitation period will run through March 2019. Pledged donations can be made over a three-year period. The hope is donors will provide a pledge and initial payment before the end of March to allow work on the projects to begin in 2019.

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