Our Needs

Since its inception in 1967, Christ the King Parish has grown tremendously due to its welcoming spirit, vibrant ministries and faithful commitment to bringing Christ to all in need. Today, we offer many opportunities to encounter Christ, but our facilities and campus need attention so that we can continue to serve the people of Moline and beyond for generations to come.  

Christ the King challenges:

  • Church roof replacement.

  • Rectory roof repairs.

  • Believers Together Center minor repairs and maintenance.

  • Geothermal pumps, LED lighting, parking lot repairs.


Youngest parish in the Illinois Quad Cities, opened in 1967 with 450 families.

Currently serves about 1,400 families.

In collaboration with Cursillo, Northwest TEC and Christ the King, brought about the Believers Together Center completed in 2002.

Home of the SPEC (Special Persons Encounter Christ) program, religious enrichment for those with mental and physical challenges.

Now serving the needs of African immigrants, primarily from the west African nation
of Togo.


tier I celebration goal: $600,000

  • Replace roofs of church and rectory.

  • Replace worn geothermal pumps for air units.

  • Repair/replace concrete, primarily in parking lots.

  • Repair rectory with new windows, eaves and fascia.

tier II challenge goal: $300,000

  • New carpeting and painting for Believers Together Center.

  • Convert entire campus to LED lighting.

Tier III Victory Goal: $300,000

  • Develop capital needs contingency reserve.

TOTAL COST: $1.2 million

letter FROM
FR. Levitt

Dear Christ the King Family: 

Looking back over the past 20 years, I am filled with gratitude for the opportunity to serve Christ the King as pastor, with its rich history of faithful service to the families of Moline and far beyond. The parishioners of Christ the King pride themselves in being a warm, welcoming and diverse community, and are actively engaged in a variety of ministries that provide hope to those most in need. 

We worship together in our beautiful church, but its roof needs replacement. We draw many hundreds of pilgrims from across the country each year to our Believers Together Center, but our parking lots need repair, and we have a recurring need to maintain and replace the pumps and air handlers of our geothermal units.

Our doors are open wide to a rich diversity of people who hunger to grow deeper in their faith and discover their giftedness, but our facilities need attention.

Please continue to review this website to learn more about our needs and how you can assist Christ the King in being as welcoming, vibrant and faithful tomorrow as it is today. Please, also, consider supporting Seton Catholic School, where many of our children receive a strong foundation of faith. Support us with your prayers and a pledge. With your help, together we can accomplish this.


Fr. Donald Levitt
Pastor, Christ the King Parish

“We are the heart, the hands, the body of Christ. By ourselves we can
accomplish much. United in faith, we can do much more.”