Campaign Leadership


Fr. Mark DeSutter, Sacred Heart
Fr. Donald Levitt, Christ the King

school leadership

Jane Barrett, Principal

other members of campaign executive team

Beth Behrends
Cathy Burns
Jim Harl
Karla Larsen
Carmelo Senatra
Bobbie Vidmar

campaign counsel

Steier Group

christ the king parish

General Chairs
Michael and Lois Harring
Steven and Christy Layer
Steven and Regina Nelson
Gregory and Roberta Noe

Honorary Chairs
Fr. Dick Bresnahan
Bernard Hardiek
Glenn and Kathleen Medhus
Michael and Elizabeth

Cabinet Members
Anthony Carpita
John Kustes
John and Kim Naert
Mary Ann Stoffel
Jerry and Sally Tappendorf

Special Events Chair
Cathy Burns

sacred heart parish

General Chairs
Dennis and Katherine Fox
Peter and Christine
Jerry and Doris O’Keeffe
Kevin and Colleen Rafferty

Honorary Chairs
Anthony and Pat Hodge
Fred and Patricia Julius
Larry and Mary Kay Lorensen
Msgr. Dale Wellman

Cabinet Members
Michael and Mary Drymiller
Philip and Rebecca Hare
Don Lewis
Robert and Sandra Madison
Daniel and Connie Morris
Greg and Kathleen Schneider
James and Linda Watson
David and Joan Wrath

Special Events Chairs
Marcia Harl  
Pam Triebel
Linda Wolbers

seton catholic school

General Chairs
Jonathon and Heather Fox
William and Sue Rector
Paul and Jennifer Rouse

Honorary Chairs
Jill McLaughlin

Special Events Chair
Beth Behrends